X-Wing Miniatures Upgrade OpportunistOpportunist is a new upgrade introduced in the Imperial Aces X-Wing Miniatures expansion pack. It’s one of two Elite Pilot Talent upgrades that raise a ship’s Attack Value. The other is Expose.

Opportunist vs Expose

Opportunist is a passive ability and doesn’t require an action, but it only works if the defender doesn’t have any focus or evade tokens. Opportunist will score more hits than Expose, because the attacker may focus or target lock. Expose works regardless of the status of the target, but it requires an action to activate,.

Opportunist gives the attacker a stress token. This would be great for Soontir Fel, because his pilot ability gives him a free focus token, except for his pilot skill. Expose lowers the attackers Agility by 1, which is something you don’t want to do on an TIE Interceptor.

Opportunist and Sensor Jammer

Sensor Jammer works well with Opportunist. Sensor Jammer allows the defender to change one hit to a focus. The attacker must decide if he wants to spend his focus for the extra hit and get shot back at with an extra attack die or keep the focus and lose a hit.

Ibtisam is another good candidate for Opportunist. When she uses Opportunist and gets a stress token she’ll be able to reroll an attack die.

Pilot Skill

Opportunist is better on ships with mid to low pilot skill. If you attack first the defender will probably have a focus token. You need to let the defender burn his focus token. Sadly, this makes Soontir Fel less than ideal for this upgrade.


A Green Squadron Pilot with Opportunist has 3 Attack and 3 Agility. But it costs 23 points and gains a stress every time it fires. TIE Interceptors are probably a better bet.

Is it Worth It?

At 4 points, Opportunist is a high priced upgrade. It’s better than Expose, but is it better than Push the Limit? Probably not. Push the Limit is cheaper and more versatile.

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