Advanced Sensors

x-wing-miniatures-advanced-sensorsAdvanced Sensors is a System Upgrade that allows a ship to perform a free action before it moves. It may sound underwhelming until you see it in action. Performing a Barrel Roll before moving allows a ship sidestep asteroids and other ships. This upgrade may also be used to perform an action prior to bumping into into another ship, so the action isn’t lost.

The B-Wing, Lambda Shuttle, E-Wing, and TIE Phantom may equip Advanced Sensors. Advanced Sensors is available in the Lambda Shuttle Expansion pack and the E-Wing Expansion Pack.

Now we will demonstrate some uses of Advanced Sensors.

Avoiding Asteroids

asteroid avoidance

Asteroid in your way? No problem!

Did you find yourself parked in front of an asteroid? Have no worries. Advanced Sensors kick in before you move, so it can be used to perform a barrel roll action before moving. Simply perform a barrel roll and them reveal your maneuver to slip past the asteroid. This trick can also be used to sidestep ships.

Action Before Bump

action before bump

Never lose your action again

Never lose your action again. Normally if a ship overlaps another ship it may not perform an action. Use Advanced Sensors to perform your action before moving. Then if you overlap you keep your focus token or lock.

Action Before K-Turn

action before k-turn

Advantage: B-Wing

Advanced Sensors may be used to perform an action before a K-turn. Your opponent will be stressed from performing the K-turn so you’ll have the advantage. This is especially useful on Ibtisam due to her pilot ability of rerolling dice when stressed.

45 Degree K-Turn

boost before k-turn

K-Turn at an angle

If you also have an engine upgrade perform a boost before K-turning to perform an angled K-turn. You don’t see this one that much because Engine Upgrade is a pricey upgrade at 4 points.

Push the Limit with No Stress

push the limit

Push the Limit with no stress

Advanced Sensors can be used to “abuse” Push the Limit. Push the Limit, perform your actions, and then clear the stress with a green maneuver. You are now Darth Vader. Just be sure not to perform a red maneuver after doing this, or your opponent will have fun modifying your dial.

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