Soontir Fel

Soontir Fel is an elite TIE Interceptor pilot. He’s was given the title Baron of the Empire when he served in the 181st Imperial Fighter Wing. Interestingly, he married Wedge Antilles sister and was a member of Rogue Squadron later in life.

Pilot Ability


Soontir Fel’s pilot ability is an action economy ability that grants him a free focus token whenever he receives a stress token. It activates when he performs a 3 or 5 K-turn, which the only red maneuver available to TIE Interceptors.

To get more use out of his pilot ability he can be upgraded with an elite pilot talents that cause a ship to become stressed. The drawback to this is that you’ll be performing a lot of green maneuvers. That’s not so bad considering the TIE Interceptor has an excellent maneuver dial, like the A-wing.

Push the Limit

Push the Limit is arguable the best elite pilot talent for Fel. It’s worth mentioning that Soontir Fel’s pilot ability is not a Focus Action. It simply gives him a focus token. This means that Soontir Fel can perform a Focus Action, Push the Limit, and end up with two focus tokens.

Another use for Push the Limit on Soontir Fel, that applies to all TIE Interceptors, is to perform a boost and then a barrel roll. This allows TIE Interceptor to weave in an out of firing arcs. When used in conjunction with a Forward 5 maneuver this allows Soontir Fel to cover a lot of ground.

Push the Limit can also be used to give Soontir Fel an evade token and one or two focus tokens. This is useful, because even though he’s a badass, he only has three hull. A focus token and and evade token virtually guarantee at least two evades, extending his stay on the table.

Other Elite Pilot Talents

Believe it or not, there are other elite pilot talents besides Push the Limit.

  • Daredevil allows a 90 degree hard turn instead of a 45 degree bank when performing a boost. This allows a ship to essentially perform a 1 K-turn.¬†After Daredevil is used it gives the ship a stress token, which grants Soontir Fel a focus token.
  • Elusiveness forces the attacker to reroll one die of the defenders choice. The defender then gains a stress token, which grants Soontir Fel a focus token. The focus token can then be used to further mitigate damage. This allows Soontir Fel to spend his focus token for attack and gain one for defense. Push the Limit is probably better, but Elusiveness is cheaper and you only have to activate it if you’re hit. This allows a wider range of movement, since you’re not always trying to use a green maneuver.
  • Opportunist is probably better on TIE Interceptors with lower pilot skill, because it can only be used when the defender has no focus or evade tokens. However, it could still be used against ships right after they K-turn, performed a target lock, or if your squad contains another pilot skill 9 pilot such as Darth Vader, who could potentially strip the focus token off of the target. It gives the attacker a stress token which would give Soontir Fel a focus token.
  • Expert Handling is kind of iffy. It grants a stress token and removes a lock, but Soontir Fel can already barrel roll.
  • Veteran Instincts can be used to raise Soontir Fel’s pilot skill to 11, which almost guarantee’s you’ll shoot before Vader, Han and Wedge, assuming they didn’t take it too.
  • Targetting Computer isn’t a good choice without PtL. Interceptors need focus to avoid hits. Soontir is the best interceptor to equip with a Targeting Computer, because he can lock, perform another action, and still get a focus.


  • Stealth Device raises a ships agility by 1 until it is hit. Used in conjunction with Push the Limit or Elusiveness it may help Soontir Fel survive longer. If you roll poorly it’s 4 points down the train.
  • I’d only recommend Targetting Computer in conjunction with Push the Limit. Target Lock isn’t any better than focus. Target Lock in addition to focus is nasty.
  • A Hull or Shield Upgrade can prevent Soontir Fel from being one shotted.

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