Ibtisam is a female Mon Calamari pilot whose ship of choice was the B-Wing. After her people were enslaved by the Galatic Empire she joined the Alliance Starfighter Corps and volunteered to fly in one of the first B-Wing starfighter squadrons. She piloted her modified B-Wing in the Battle of Endor, during which she was shot down in the second wave. She later joined Rogue Squadron and to her annoyance was forced to pilot an X-Wing.


Pilot Ability

Ibtisam’s pilot ability typically activates when she perform a red maneuver, which B-Wings have in large supply. It may be activated on demand by actions that generate stress.


Ibtisam may be upgraded with an Elite Pilot Talent, System Upgrade, Cannon, or Torpedoes.

  • Advanced Sensors is a solid upgrade for any B-Wing, but it is especially good for Ibtisam. Focus before she K-Turns and the stress token provides a mini target lock.
  • Push the Limit is a good way to gain a stress token to make use of her pilot ability.
  • Take a Fire Control System and Heavy Laser Cannon to boost her offense. An Autoblaster may also be taken, but it’s less common.
  • An Engine Upgrade pairs well with Advanced Sensors for 45 degree K-turns.
  • With Push the Limit she’s a good Torpedo platform. Acquire a target lock, focus, then use her pilot ability for a reroll.
  • Elusiveness not only makes the attacker reroll one die, but Ibtisam may then reroll one defense die.
  • Ion Cannons are a popular choice, but they waste her attack of 3.
  • Opportunist not only raises her attack to 4, but also allows a reroll.


This article uses material from the “Ibtisam” article on the Star Wars wiki at Wikia and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike License.

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