Darth Vader

x-wing-miniatures-darth-vader Darth Vader is an elite TIE Advanced pilot. Once a Jedi, he betrayed his master, Obi-wan Kenobi and now serves the dark side.

Pilot Ability

Darth Vader’s ability is like Push the Limit, without the stress token penalty. It gives Darth Vader a lot of flexibility.  You can perform any combination of focus, lock, barrel roll and evade. Vader is pilot skill 9 so he typically moves last allowing you to tailor your actions according to the current battlefield conditions.


Darth Vader may be upgraded with an Elite Pilot Talent and Missiles. Some popular upgrades are:

  • Engine Upgrade – Perform a boost and a barrel roll to rocket down the field or weave in an out of firing arcs.
  • Daredevil – Given that you also take an Engine Upgrade you can perform a 45 degree boost and then turn 90 degrees, for a total of 135 degrees. Not many other ships can do this, because to perform two actions most other ships need Push the Limit, which takes up the elite pilot talent slot.
  • Missiles – With the ability to Target Lock and Focus in the same turn Darth Vader is a good missile delivery system. He is pilot skill 9 which gives him more opportunities to lock as lower pilot skill ships move into range. Captain Jonus could grant him rerolls.
  • Squad Leader – Pass one of your actions to another ship.
  • Stealth Device – Roll 4 defense dice instead of 3.
  • Swarm Tactics – Allow another ship to shoot at Vader’s pilot skill of 9
  • Veteran Instincts – Really want to move first? Give Darth Vader pilot skill 11.
  • Push the Limit – You may perform three actions at the cost of a stress token.


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