X-Wing Miniatures: What to Buy?

So, you’re new to X-Wing Miniatures and don’t know what to buy? Here’s my recommendations and buying guide.

Core Set

At a minimum you’ll need to buy a core set. It comes with an X-wing and two TIE Fighters. It also has the rule book, and all the game components (cards, dice, maneuvering templates, etc.) required to play the game. It’s advertised as a complete game, and it is, but Luke Skywalker can only blow up two TIE Fighters so many times before it gets stale.

One problem with the core set is lack of dice. It comes with three red dice and three green dice. Sometimes an attack requires four dice, so you’ll have to re-roll a dice. This can be remedied with a dice pack or another core set. If you plan to get another core set you may skip the dice pack, because you’ll end up with too many dice.

$100 Starter

It’s often asked, “what can I get for a hundred bucks?” At retail prices, a core set is $40, small ship expansions are $15, and large ship expansions are $30. You can find cheaper prices on Amazon. If your budget is $100 I’d get a core and four small ship expansions. X-Wing, B-Wing, TIE Interceptor, and TIE Advanced.

Rebels ships are more points than Imperial ships. If you can afford it, get another Imperial ship, for instance a TIE Fighter. This gives you 3 rebel ships and 5 Imperial ships and you’ll be able to play 100 point games against a friend.

If you’re only buying for yourself, for instance, a friend already has the game, then $100 is plenty to get into the game. Buy all Rebels or all Imperials. You could also get a large ship and two small ships.

Now that you’re addicted X-Wing Miniatures it’s time to expand your collection.

Two Core or Not Two Core

Some suggest buying two core sets as your first purchase. I think this advice came from the early days of the game before the expansion waves when the only ships available were the X-Wing, Y-Wing, TIE Fighter, and TIE Advanced.

Core sets are the cheapest way to get more ships and the extra dice come in handy. The problem is you don’t get any variety. Now that there have been three expansion waves released there are a lot more options.

I recommend waiting to buy a second core set until you branch out. Purchase some expansions, see how you like the game, and find the ships that appeal to your play style. You may want to pick up a

Keep in mind the X-Wing and TIE Fighter expansions come with pilots and upgrades that aren’t in the core set and are are regarded as being “must haves”, such as Wedge Antilles and Howlrunner.


Start with a core set, an X-Wing expansion, a B-Wing, and the Millennium Falcon. You’ll be able to field some strong 100 point squads. Expand from there. Here’s my take on the rebels.

  • X-Wing – The backbone of the rebel fleet. It has a strong attack and excellent maneuverability. You will want at least two. Get at least one expansion, because the pilots are very good.
  • B-Wing – With only 1 agility it’s extremely easy to hit, but it makes up for it with 3 hull and 5 shields. It has a strong attack of 3. It can be upgraded with system upgrades and cannons, making it a formidable gun platform. It’s maneuver dial is bad, but it barrel roll, and perform a 2 K-turn. Advanced Sensors (from the Lambda Shuttle expansion) also greatly improve its maneuverability . I recommend buying one or two.
  • YT-1300 (Millennium Falcon) – Besides being awesome, it has a built-in 360 degree turret that means you can shoot anything in range. It has the most hit points of any ship: 13. It comes with some great crew cards, like Chewbacca. Buy one.
  • HWK-290 – This is a support ship. I used to dislike it ship due to its horrible attack of 1. My opinion is starting to change after being defeated by it several times. The pilot Kyle Kattarn can pass out focus tokens to buff friendly ships. Equip it with a turret to improve its offensive capabilities. Buy one if you like lists with tricks.
  • Y-Wing – Since the B-Wing came out in wave 3 this ship has fallen out of favor. Still, it comes with a couple of good pilots, like “Dutch” Vander who can pass out target locks to your other ships. It is often fielded with an Ion Turret that slows down enemies. You don’t need one immediately.
  • A-Wing – I want to like this ship. It’s cheap, has 3 agility, is highly maneuverable, and is the only rebel ship with Boost. The 2 attack kills it for me. It comes with Push the Limit upgrade cards, which is considered to be one of the best upgrades, but these will be available in Imperial Aces. Buy one or two if you like an underdog.

Below is a list of which ships come in each box. You’ll notice that if you buy one of everything you’ll end up with three X-Wings. The most X-Wings you can field in a 100 point squad is 4. If you buy two core sets, an X-wing expansion, and the Tantive V (when released) you’ll have exactly enough X-wings.

Core 1
X-Wing 1
YT-1300 (Millenium Falcon)1
Tantive V 1
One of Everything 3 1 11 11


Start with a core set, a TIE Fighter expansion, Slave 1, and a TIE Advanced or Darth Vader. Then buy another core set for more TIE Fighters. Then buy Imperial Aces when it comes out.

  • TIE Fighter – What are Imperial’s without the iconic TIE Fighter? There is a popular list called TIE Swarm that uses from six to eight TIE Fighters. Personally, I think 5 is plenty. That’s two core sets and a TIE expansion. The expansion contains some great pilots, so be sure to get one.
  • TIE Interceptor – With 3 attack and 3 agility the TIE Inerceptor would be the best ship in the game if not for having only 3 hull and no shields. They are the glass cannon of X-Wing miniatures. They are highly maneuverable with a great maneuver dial and the ability to barrel roll and boost. Imperial Aces (when released) will come with two TIE Interceptors. I’d recommend buying one TIE Interceptor and Imperial Aces for a total of three.
  • Slave 1 (Boba Fett) – This ship has the unique ability to fire using its rear arc. It has a strong attack, lots of hit points, decent agility, and good maneuverability. It can be upgraded with crew, torpedoes, and bombs. Some people like to run two or three, I’d start with one.
  • TIE Advanced (Darth Vader) – It’s maligned as being the worst ship in the game, but I still recommend getting one. Darth Vader is a great pilot. He has the ability to perform two actions which is quite powerful. I would buy one and only one.
  • Lambda Shuttle – It’s arguably the least maneuverable ship in the game, but it does have the unique ability to not move. It is highly upgradable and can have system upgrades and a cannon like the B-Wing. It also has a crew upgrade. Some crazy people like to run three of these, but I couldn’t recommend buying more than one.
  • TIE Bomber – The bomber has six hull and can carry a wide range of secondary weapons: torpedoes, missiles, and bombs. Bombs are a special attack that detonate when a player moves near them. The pilots have a abilities that affect secondary weapons, such as re-rolling attack dice. If you want to make a squad with lots of secondary weapons this is the ship for you, but players tend avoid it due to it having 2 attack and 2 defense.
BoxTIE FighterTIE AdvancedSlave 1TIE InterceptorTIE BomberLambda Shuttle
Core 2
TIE Fighter 1
TIE Advanced1
Slave 1 (Boba Fett)1
TIE Interceptor1
TIE Bomber1
Lambda Shuttle1
Imperial Aces2
One of Everything 3 1 13 11

One of Everything

My buying strategy was to get one of everything. After all, how do you know which ships you like unless you try them?I doubled and tripled up on the ships I like and bought another core. My favorite purchases were the X-Wing expansion, B-Wing, TIE Fighter expansion, and the TIE Interceptor. I also like the TIE Advanced. My least favorite purchases are the A-Wing (why did I get 3!?) and TIE Bomber.

I hope you enjoy X-Wing Miniatures and I hope this gave you some good information on what to buy.

6 thoughts on “X-Wing Miniatures: What to Buy?

  1. candyclock

    Is 2 falcons worth it?

    • David A.

      I wouldn’t start with two Falcons, but its a popular list. It chewed up my four TIE Interceptors pretty bad.

  2. Thames

    Thanks for this write up. I just bought 4 core set seeing they were on clearance at Target and I bought one of each expansion. When Imperial Aces comes out, that will give me something else to pick up. I will see what I end up liking and decide how what dup ships I want to get.

    • Rob

      What was Target’s clearance price (if you remember)

  3. wellspring

    Another point that affects which ships you buy: whether you play other star wars games. An ardent RPG player will want a YT-1300/Lambda/Firespray type ship as their group’s Winnebago. Wargamers in 6mm/1:300/1:285 will have reason to pick units based on their efficacy in a ground action. For example, shuttles to move troops into airborne strikes, or bombers to hit ground positions.

    Good guide.

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