Imperial Aces Preview

Imperial Aces is a new X-Wing Miniatures expansion that comes with two TIE Interceptor repaints. Amazon lists the Imperial Aces release date as February, 28th.Here’s a run-down of what’s in the box.

Saber Squadron Pilot

Imperial Aces includes two copies of the venerable Saber Squadron Pilot. There’s nothing particularly special about it, but it’s the lowest point TIE Interceptor with an Elite Pilot Talent. It’s also eligible for the Royal Guard TIE title, that allows two modifications.

X-Wing Miniatures Imperial Aces Saber Squadron Pilot

Royal Guard Pilot

Despite having no pilot ability this ship is still pretty great. It’s pilot skill 6 and only 22 points. With Push the Limit it’s 25 points. What a coincidence. I expect a lot of people to buy two copies of Imperial Aces just to run 4 Royal Guard Pilots with PtL.

X-Wing Miniatures Imperial Aces Royal Guard Pilot

Lieutenant Lorrir

Lieutenant Lorrir is a contender for the most maneuverable ship in X-Wing Miniatures. The only problem is what do you do about that stress token? It doesn’t look like its going to play work well with PtL or Opportunist. Perhaps Darth Vader could use Squad Leader to pass him an action before he stresses.

X-Wing Miniatures Imperial Aces Lieutenant Lorrir

Kir Kanos

Push the Limit seems like it was made for Soontir Fel and Opportunist seems like it was made for Kir Kanos. His attack becomes a ridiculous 5.

X-Wing Miniatures Imperial Aces Kir Kanos

Tetran Cowall

Not only can he perform a 1 K-turn, he gets to choose between a 1, 3, and a 5 K-turn. Veteran Instincts pushes him up to PS 9 so he can survey the field before committing to a maneuver.

X-Wing Miniatures Imperial Aces Tetran Cowell

Carnor Jax

X-Wing Miniatures currently favors rebels due to their action economy special abilities that allow them to generate and share focus. Carnor Jax is the answer to Rebel focus spam lists.

X-Wing Miniatures Imperial Aces Carnor Jax


Imperial Aces includes the following cards:

  • Opportunist (x2): +1 Attack if the defender has no focus/evade. Gain 1 stress.
  • Push the Limit (x2): Perform two actions. Gain 1 stress.
  • Hull Upgrade (x2): +1 hull.
  • Shield Upgrade (x2): +1 shield.
  • Targetting Computer (x2): Add target lock to your action bar.
  • Royal Guard TIE (x2): Equip two modifications. Pilot Skill 4 and higher.
x-wing-miniatures-shield-upgrade x-wing-miniatures-targetting-computer x-wing-miniatures-hull-upgrade x-wing-miniatures-push-the-limit x-wing-miniatures-opportunistx-wing-miniatures-royal-guard-tie

Should I Buy Imperial Aces?

In my opinion it’s a must have for any X-Wing Miniatures player. Personally, even though I already have three TIE Interceptors (curse you Miniature Market sale), I plan to get two copies to get 4 Royal Guard Pilots and extra cards. Imperial Aces is available for pre-order now on Amazon.

3 thoughts on “Imperial Aces Preview

  1. Syleh

    Hi! I love the artwork on these cards and am happy to see the in stunning detail.

    I just wanted to note though, Lieutenant Lorrir and Kir Kanos can’t take EPT…sadly.

  2. V10

    “Royal Guard TIE (x2): Equip two modifications. Pilot Skill 4 and higher.”

    Inncorrect. The card reads: “You CANNOT equip this card if your pilot skill value is 4 or lower”.

    Misreading that card the first time led me to designing illegitimate squadron lists, too.

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